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Hey beautiful people! Welcome to my blog:) Glad to know you're here! I'm Christin, just another typical 15 years old girl from Indonesia. Currently on 10th grade. I do hate study. And I've been trying to be a classy-kind girl. I love everyone who respects and love me. I love every single of my followers. You'll find a lot of glamour, classy, luxurious, fashion, and models photos here! Kardashians family, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are my inspiration:) And, oh, I'm Liam Payne's :D Couldn't see my whole blog? Click CTRL and - at the same time ;)

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A hotel in Indonesia:)

A hotel in Indonesia:)

8 notes · #indonesia #kemang #jakarta #hotel #luxury #Luxurious #grand kemang
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